Darrow Blue Energy Project

Renewable Energy


South Louisiana

Nameplate Capacity

750 MMscfd

The project consists of a $4.5 billion blue hydrogen clean energy complex to be built in Louisiana and the world’s largest instance of carbon capture.  The complex will produce 750MMscfd of blue hydrogen in Ascension Parish that will be delivered through 700+miles of pipelines.  The clean energy system will tie into 25 existing production facilities providing customers more than 1.6 billion cubic feet of hydrogen per day making it one of the largest producing hydrogen systems in the world.  With a 95% CO2 capture rate, it will be compressed to 2,160 psig and transported safely by pipeline 35 miles east of the new clean energy complex to multiple inland sequestration sites located along a pipeline corridor.  The complex will generate more than ten million metric tons per year (MTPY) of carbon dioxide which will be permanently sequestered in geologic pore space secured from the State of Louisiana approximately one mile below ground.  The clean energy complex will also produce 2.8 million metric tons per year of blue hydrogen that will be transported around the world.  Injection facilities will be installed in shallow water (10ft).  Pipelines will be constructed in predominately swamp terrain (shallow water areas) and will have complex horizontal direction drills that will need to engineered.   

Keystone is providing engineering, design, hydraulic analysis, automation & controls, SCADA, project management, survey, procurement, permit support, project scheduling, project controls,  cathodic protection & AC mitigation, geotechnical investigations, environmental support, and right-of-way support for all pipelines (Hydrogen, CO2 Mainline, CO2Distribution Lines and Natural Gas), measurement and regulation facilities, CO2 injection facilities, and tie-in locations along the system.