Keystone's resume for Midstream projects includes programs that are comprised of hundreds of miles of pipeline; products including C02, sour gas, and hydrogen; and projects ranging in size from $100k to $800MM (total installed cost).

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Oil & Condensate Treating
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Primary Separation
Oil BS&W Treating
Salt Water Dilution
Sour Oil Treating
Gathering Sites
Condensate Stabilization
LACT Skids
Metering, Shipping, and Loading Facilities
Gas Conditioning & Treating
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Reboilers, Scrubbers, Filters, and Heaters
Hydrate Inhibition Equipment
Gas Sweetening
NGL Recovery and Storage
Vapor Recovery
Compressor Stations
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Interconnects, Laterals, Line Looping, and Relocations
Span/Buckling Analysis, Hydraulic Studies, and Surge Analysis
Filters, Scrubbers, Slug Catchers, Liquid & Gas Metering, Launchers, and Receivers
LACT Skids
SCADA Systems
Corrosion Monitoring
Cathodic Protection
Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD)
Risk Assessments
Liquid and Gas Pipelines
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