Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

Always safe and always cost-effective, Keystone Engineering is the firm clients trust when they want a true partner for their electrical engineering services. The result is a relationship in which clients experience a higher level of efficiency, and Keystone is given the chance to demonstrate what real engineering quality looks like. Keystone's electrical engineers have experience in a broad range of professional electrical design services, including oil and gas applications, petrochemical, renewables, and heavy industrial.
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Conceptual Design
FEED Packages
Feasibility and Economic Analysis
Permitting and Regulatory Documentation
Equipment Specifications
Procurement Support
Detailed Engineering/Design Support
Commissioning and Startup Support
Battery System Design and Specifications
Cable Tray Designs
Cable and Conduit Specifications
Electrical Area Classification
Electrical Equipment Specifications
Electrical System Design Basis
Emergency Power System
Generator Systems
Grounding System Specifications and Design
Illumination Optimization and Analysis
Load Studies
Motor Starting Analysis
Power System Analysis
Power Distribution Centers/Motor Control Buildings
Protective Relaying
Protective Device Coordination
Solar Power Systems
Switchrack Systems
Utility Service Coordination
Analyzer Systems
Cause and Effect Control Matrix
Conduit and Cable Schedules
Control System Interface Development and Design
Control Valve Sizing
Control Narrative Development
Control System Networks
ESD Control Matrix
Fiber Optic Communication System Design
Instrumentation and Control Design Basis
I/O Lists
Instrument Equipment Specification
Fire and Gas Systems
P&ID Development
Remote Operations and Controls
SAFE Charts
Specific Expertise
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Gathering Facilities
Heater Treater Systems
LACT Skids
Pump/Compressor Stations
Tank Storage
Control System Replacement/Upgrades
Power Generation Systems
VRU Systems
Truck Loading
Fire Pump Systems
Amine Systems
Dehydration Units
Brine Handling and Storage Facilities
Liquid Storage
Meter Stations
NGL Loading and Storage
Stabilization Facilities
Valve Stations
Instrument Air Systems
Production Facilities
Boiler Systems
Carbon Black Facilities
Sour Water Handling Systems
Thermal Oxidizer Units
Fired Heater System
Flare System
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Electrical & Instrumentation


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