Nameplate Capacity

Keystone provided engineering and design services to support Cape Wind, the first commercial and utility-sized offshore wind farm proposed in the US to reach an advanced stage of development. For the pioneering effort, Keystone worked with the US developer and a joint European engineering team for the detailed design of the monopile foundations. In addition to the foundation design engineering, Keystone served as the Professional Engineer of record for the State of Massachusetts. Although the project was never constructed, it was the first federally permitted offshore wind project in the US.

Keystone’s scope of work involved developing addition design load cases (DLCs) to check robustness for hurricane hazard, secondary steel conceptual and detailed design, and mechanical and electrical subsystems design. Additionally, the scope included the evaluation of the following: trans-Atlantic transportation support conditions, staging site requirements for monopile foundations related to us sites, and internal j-tubeless cabling and associated handling techniques.

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