Coelacanth Jacket Loadout


Nameplate Capacity

Keystone provided the loadout engineering for the Coelacanth Jacket. Weighing 32,000 tons and standing 1,218 feet tall with a base of 372 feet, the jacket is the third largest ever constructed. The jacket now supports a production facility in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Keystone team provided the engineering support and analysis needed to load the structure onto a barge for transport. The sheer size of the jacket required the use of the Heerema H851, the world’s largest cargo barge.

The Keystone team overcame many challenges to achieve a successful loading, including the design of additional load spreaders. The design allowed the fabricator to utilize existing yard skidway infrastructure and eliminated the need for barge skidway reinforcement, reducing project cost, and improved loading efficiency.

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