Condensate Stabilizer Facility


Eagle Ford

Nameplate Capacity

25,000 BPD

25,000-barrel per day facility located in Eagle Ford, TX was designed to provide a central location for trucks to unload condensate, stabilize the condensate, and sell the product to a pipeline company.

Keystone provided engineering design for this greenfield project, including conceptual development through construction support. The facility included a condensate truck unloading station and storage; a condensate stabilizer unit; condensate LACT units and shipping pumps; NGL Recovery Unit with storage and loadout; gas compression; and liquid and gas pipeline tie-ins.

Additionally, Keystone provided full multi-discipline engineering services to design this project which included a pigging station for six pipelines 6" to 16" for both gas and liquid products. Keystone also designed the pipeline manifold and configuration for short term and long-term facility use.

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