Mars Production Facility Expansion & Pipeline Pigging



Gulf of Mexico

Nameplate Capacity

Installation of a new pump module and three turbine-driven pumps at WD-143 to support increased production of an additional 80-100k BOPD. The scope of work included design and installation of turbine-driven pump module, bridge piping, fuel gas conditioning skid, control systems upgrade, MCC upgrade, chemical injection (DRA), custody transfer orifice meter for gas supply to SP-89E-B, and a new gas chromatograph skid for primary gas ultrasonic meters. Keystone multi-discipline engineering and design, project planning, procurement, and construction execution.

Additionally, Keystone provided engineering support for the pigging of a 14” OD subsea gas export pipeline spanning 42 miles. The line had accumulated asphaltenes in addition to retrograde condensate, both of which presented challenges to stabilizing liquid returns at the offshore facility. Keystone provided equipment and platform interface for temporary condensate handling during the turnaround.

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