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Nameplate Capacity

Keystone’s patented offshore wind turbine foundation design, the Inward Battered Guide Structure (IBGS), or “Twisted Jacket,” was featured in two US offshore wind projects that included an award up to $44 million in federal DOE grants in 2014. The grants intended to accelerate the deployment of US offshore wind by funding projects utilizing innovative technologies. Keystone’s foundation design featured in both award-winning fixed-bottom foundation projects: Atlantic City Windfarm (FACW) and Virginia Offshore Wind Technology Advancement Project (VOWTAP).

The project scope of work for VOWTAP included the conceptual design of the jacket and detailed design of the first fully coupled BLADED analysis and SACs post analysis, ULS and FLS completed.

Keystone’s work scope for FACW included providing engineering and design services to support a 25MW offshore wind farm project 2.8 miles off Atlantic City, New Jersey. The project involved the installation of six 4MW offshore wind turbine units, six of Keystone’s patented Inward Battered Guided Structure (IBGS) substructures and foundations, five inter-array submarine cables between the wind turbine units, one export submarine cable to shore, one upland power cable from shore to the onshore substation, one step-up transformer at the onshore substation connected to the upland cable, and modifications to the existing onshore substation to connect to the existing grid network. Additionally, the work scope included detailed design of the jackets, BOM/weight report, US fabrication assessment, installation analysis, and electrical system design.

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