Zuhal East Field Development



Nameplate Capacity

Lafayette-based Tarpon/JAB Energy Solutions sought out Keystone’s expertise to develop the East Zuhal Field, located off the coast of Sabah and the South China Sea. The scope involved the installation of a satellite drilling platform designed as a guyed wire monopod to accommodate four wells with a well test loop, equipped with a multiphase meter to measure bulk flow. Since the platform is to be unmanned, Keystone designed remote monitoring systems that require minimum manual intervention. The platform design provided for a variety of production equipment including a wellhead, production header, test loop, vent scrubber, vent boom, with CO2 Snuffer, open drain sump, instrument gas system, pig launcher, and safety/process control systems. The facility was outfitted with a crane, diesel generator, diesel tank, wash-down tank, wash-down pump, emergency shelter, wellheads enclosed by mudwalls, and a wellhead access platform.

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