Civil/Structural Engineering

The Foundation for our Future

Founded by Civil/Structural Engineers with detailed working knowledge of the United States Gulf Coast, Keystone has a great tradition of outstanding structural design for offshore, marine, and in-plant settings. That foundation plays a tremendous role in the way we establish a partnership with our clients. It translates to the way we execute project delivery and the way our clients experience success as a result.
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Site Grading and Drainage Plans
Lift Analysis and Rigging Design
Specific Expertise
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Bulkhead Design
Gathering Systems
Compressor Stations
Pump Stations
Metering Stations
Solar Farms
Site Grading and Drainage Plans
Solids Conveyance
Dust Collection
Tank Storage
Rail and Truck Loading/Unloading Facilities
Barge and Ship Loading/Unloading Facilities
Site Development
Rig Moves
Fatigue Analysis
Design/Analysis of Modular Buildings
Blast Analysis
Lift Analysis and Rigging Design
Inland Marine Structures
Offshore Production Facilities
Wind Turbine Foundation Design
Platform Additions and Modifications
Post-Hurricane Inspection and Assessment
Platform Decommissioning and Abandonment
Jacket & Deck Loadout Plans and Analysis
Jacket Roll-Up Analysis
Barge Ballast Plans
Transportation Analysis
Seafastening Design
Transportation Grillage Design
Lift Plans
Crane Foundation Plans
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