Biodiesel Facility Fire Rebuild

Renewable Energy


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Keystone provided project management, engineering, design, laser scanning, controls and automation, and procurement support for the rebuild and upgrade of biodiesel facility that has experienced a major fire. The project included demo, redesign and upgrade of a 5-level process structure, piping, and equipment. Keystone participated in specification / inspection of the damaged structure, equipment, instrumentation, and piping. Keystone also handled the specification of the new remote I/O rack for damage instrumentation and provided control and automation revamp of the DCS system. The piping system was revaluated from ground up, including metallurgy specification, hydraulics, pipe stress analysis, and increased automation. Hydrogen recovery was added to the system to reclaim spent Hydrogen used in the process. The Hydrogen is cleaned and recycled in the process increasing green credits for the final product.

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