New Alkylation Unit



Nameplate Capacity

Keystone provided multi-discipline engineering and design services for a major project to install a $125MM new Alkylation Unit. The design basis of the new Alkylation Unit involved utilizing an existing decommissioned unit at another site. Nine pieces of equipment at that site were refurbished and reused for this project, including a refrigerant compressor, contactors, and six pressure vessels. One reboiler/heater, three towers, ten tanks, 11 heat exchangers, 21 drums, and 49 pumps were specified, purchased new, and installed. The additional connected electrical load required an expansion of the existing electrical substation including 800 new instruments.

Additionally, the project required new cooling towers and instrument air compressors since the existing facilities did not have adequate capacity. An existing LPG Truck Loading Rack required relocation and demolition to provide adequate spacing for the new unit.

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