Saltwater Disposal Well Site



St. Mary Parish, LA

Nameplate Capacity

Keystone provided project management, engineering, and design services to support the addition of a salt water disposal (SWD) well at the client’s facility in an effort to obtain increased saltwater injection capacity over the existing SWD well. Gas, crude oil, and minimal amounts of produced water were separated out and re-injected back into the bulk header flowing to the Central Facility.  Produced water was sent to a new tank battery and triplex pump to be re-injected into the newly drilled SWD #1 Well.  In addition to the necessary process equipment, the new facility required the construction of a limestone rock pad with truck access driveway, pollution containment berm, and 480V 3-Phelectrical site power.  

The scope of work for the new facility design included horizontal 3 phase separator with 10,000 BPD liquid handling capacity, one 400 BBL welded steel gun barrel tank, two 400 BBL welded steel water surge tanks, one 400 BBL welded steel crude oil storage tank, two oil recirculation/transfer pumps; 1,000 BPD, two water recirculation/transfer pumps; 1,000 BPD, two saltwater injection pumps; 8,000 BWPD; 150-200 HP, and two produced water filters.  

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