Process Engineering

Bring Expertise & Experience to Your Chemical & Process Engineering Services

In the face of critical, chemical engineering challenges, Keystone Engineering is a trusted partner across various industries because of our ability to put our depth of expertise to use for our clients. The result is a process that’s more cost-effective and better for our clients’ future returns on the process design. Keystone has expertise in chemical engineering for refinery applications, as well as significant process capabilities for the upstream and midstream industry.
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Unit Optimization Studies
Operations Troubleshooting
Detailed Equipment Sizing
Distillation Design and Optimization
Firewall System Design
Flare System Design
Control Valve and Meters
Relief Valve Analysis, Documentation, and Mitigation
Risk Assessments
Facility Siting Studies
Dust Containment Studies
Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Design
Flare/Blowdown Systems
Specific Expertise
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Dynamic Tube Rupture Analysis
CO2 Injection
Railcar Compression Unloading (Butane & Propane)
LPG Injection for RVP
Polymer Production- High/Low Density Polyethylene, PV, PVC
Ethylene Production
Vent Gas Recovery
Coal Liquification
Methylchloroform, Chloromethanes, EDC, Perchloroethylene, and Chlorine/Caustic Units
Crude Desalting and Reforming (CCR)
Acid Gas
Isobutylene Compression
Oxygen Rejection
Distillation and Specialties
Ultra Lo-NOx Boilers (SCR, FGR, IFGR)
Benzene Recovery - Naptha/Gasoline Fractionation
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