Over 30 Years in Business. ZERO ACCIDENTS.

At Keystone, we recognize people are our greatest assets. Our responsibility as an employer to provide a safe and healthful workplace is evident, and we believe our commitment to safety should extend to our designs for clients. 


We incorporate our culture of safety into all aspects of our designs. We uphold our safety values in all of our projects, regardless of where we are. We extend our culture of safety to our families and our communities. We don’t just talk about safety, we live it.


By living our culture of safety, we have grown and prospered in our accomplishments. In 2013, Keystone celebrated 25 years and 5 million man-hours with Zero Recordable Injuries. Keystone's achievements  are attributed to our deep-rooted commitment to safety and always putting people first, both in practice and in design.


But it doesn’t stop there. At Keystone, safety isn’t the destination, but a journey. Our path can only move forward through relentless and continual improvement.

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